Shower Repairs – Do I Have a Leaking Shower?

Leaking Showers Perth

If you suspect you have a leaking shower you’re probably right. The telltale signs include leaking taps and cracked or mouldy grout or shower screens.

Showers are expected to refresh and rejuvenate you, but that’s not always the case. The good news is that most leaking showers can be fixed easily. If you catch them in time, you will minimise the damage and prevent a significant impact on your health and finances.

A leaking tap that drips approximately 10 times per minute can waste over 4L of water per day, which equates to 120L per month and over 1,400L per year! On the other hand, if your grout or shower screen is leaking, this can result in damage to the surrounding areas of the home, which can be even more costly to repair.

Causes of Leaking Showers

Grout or Silicone Failure

The main component of a shower that causes leaks is the grout – the non-porous, fine-grained substance that lines the tiled walls and floor. Grout can become cracked or damaged due to several reasons including –

  • Poor quality grout
  • Movement of the walls within the home/shower
  • Incorrect cleaning products such as bleach
  • Incorrect installation of the grout including too much water or not enough thinset

Silicone failure is another common cause of leaking showers in Australian homes, a sealant that is used to bind the grout together. Silicone can break down due to several issues, namely use of the incorrect cleaning products.

Although many of the causes of grout and silicone failure cannot be prevented, using a mild cleaning product that does not include bleach will assist to prevent damage and leaking.

Leaking Shower

Plumbing Issues

There are several plumbing issues which can cause leaking. They include but are not limited to leaking taps and worn-out shower heads, burst pipes and threads that are not sealed properly.

In most cases you’ll notice a drip, however when the leak is contained behind the wall it won’t be so easy to identify. You may notice an unexpected increase in your water bill or in some cases you may hear water trickling behind the wall.

While threads are typically quite easy to replace yourself, most plumbing issues should be repaired by an experienced and reputable plumber.

Leaking Shower Head

Shower Screens

Indispensable for your shower, shower screens are barriers that prevent splashing and ensure your privacy and comfort. Leaks within a shower screen are typically caused by either cracks within the glass or failure of the silicone that seals the gap between the screen and walls.

Although less likely to cause major damage to your surrounding areas, leaking shower screens can encourage mould to grow which can affect your health.

Shower Screens

Do I Need to Fix a Leaking Shower Immediately?

It’s strongly recommended that you repair a leaking shower as soon as possible. Leaks that are left unattended can cause increased water bills and severe damage to your property, but most importantly health issues.

Mould can be a catalyst for sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and more serious health issues such as respiratory infections and allergic conditions. After all, what’s more important than the health of your family?

The best way to avoid these potential financial and health problems is to catch the leak in its early stages and act as quickly as possible.

Leaking Shower Repairs

If you suspect your shower may be leaking, it’s time to engage the experienced team at ePoxy Grout Worx. We will visit your home and provide an obligation-free inspection of your shower using modern leak detection equipment. This allows us to see behind the walls of your shower to identify leaks that are not visible to the naked eye.

If leaking shower repairs are required, we will provide a detailed quotation, along with a description of the work to be undertaken. If your grout needs to be replaced, we will remove the faulty grout and replace it with an extra strong and durable ePoxy grout. Accompanied by a 25 year product warranty, ePoxy grout is applied without removing any tiles and is far superior to the standard grout found in most Australian homes.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and schedule your on-site inspection and quotation.

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