Shower Regrouting: 5 Telltale Signs Every Home Owner Must Know

Shower Regrouting

Let’s face it – no one likes cleaning the bathroom. It’s a tedious and unpleasant chore for every household – but it is necessary to keep your shower grout in good condition and help to prevent severe damage in the future.

We use grout for a number of reasons. It prevents damage to your tiles, stops water from trickling through to the substrate behind, and of course, it makes your bathroom look polished and fresh! But unfortunately, grout can show signs of wear and tear, and it’s best to take care of it straight away…

Signs You Need To Regrout Your Shower

There is Mould Growth

Once mould shows up – it’s tough to get rid of! Mould can grow as a result of improper ventilation or after a flood. If left long enough, the mould only gets worse, and it’s better to start fresh with entirely new grout.

Grout Begins to Crack

This can be a result of your house slowly moving over time, or a poor grout mixture to begin with. If cracked grout is left alone for too long, water can seep beneath the surface and cause bigger problems.

Bubbling or Peeling Paint

Paint can start to bubble and peel when there is moisture beneath the surface. A common cause of this is a hidden water leak – most likely through the tile and grout joints.

Swollen Skirting Board

Timber skirting boards are prone to swelling when they become damp. Water trickling through the grout and down to the skirting board is the most likely suspect.

Rusty Door Frame

A rusty doorframe is a sign of excess moisture in the area- and it also looks unsightly! If left unattended, it will continue to corrode your door. It is best to check over your grout as soon as you notice rust, as this is the likely culprit.

Bring Your Shower Back To Life With ePoxy Grout Worx

When revamping your bathroom, you need a grout you can rely on. Unlike standard grout, which is prone to cracking and weakening, we use Mapei ePoxy Grout – one of the most robust options on the market!

Mapei ePoxy Grout is durable, fast-drying, 100% waterproof, stain and chemical resistant and available in 22 colours! Contact ePoxy Grout Worx today and restore your shower to its former glory!

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