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ePoxy Grout Advantages – What are They?

ePoxy Grout Advantages

Grout is critical for maintaining the aesthetic and functional value of the tiled areas within your home. But typical grout, if it is not properly taken care of, can be a major headache. It can crack or erode and cause your showers and bathrooms to leak. This can lead them to become mouldy and potentially even cause major damage to the structures behind your walls.

But there is good news. ePoxy grout is a revolutionary product that will protect your tiled areas from the damaging effects of grime, mould, mildew, bacteria, and other unsightly pollutants.

Capable of sealing in moisture while also enhancing the overall look and feel of your tiling, ePoxy grout is a long-term solution that has many benefits when compared to standard grout.

Leaking Shower


Traditional grout is composed of sand and cement which, while capable of creating a durable joint, is not as enduring as ePoxy grout. With traditional grout, movement, incorrect cleaning materials and poor installation processes will cause the adhesive to degrade over time.

ePoxy grout, on the other hand, due to its unique chemical composition, is 100% waterproof and able to retain its protective properties and provide excellent results in a variety of applications, regardless of the type of area being secured.

Easy to Apply & Fast Drying

In most cases, the damaged grout can be removed and replaced within your shower or bathroom without the need to remove any tiles. This typically means that leaking showers can be repaired within a matter of a few hours, which maximises your results while minimising the inconvenience of long-term repairs.

Once the area has been regrouted, ePoxy grout will also dry much faster than standard grout, meaning that your shower is ready to use within as little as 24 hours.

Shower Grout Repairs

Wide Range of Colours

ePoxy grout is also available in an impressive range of colours. Depending on the manufacturer, you should be able to select from a range of 20+ standard colours. Additionally, some brands now also offer eye-catching options such as gold or silver sparkle. This can add a unique look and feel to your tiled area, while still offering superior strength and protection.

Conclusion on ePoxy Grout

ePoxy Grout is the ideal choice for protecting your tiles from the damaging effects of grime, mold, mildew, bacteria, and other unsightly pollutants. Because ePoxy grout dries faster and is more durable than traditional grout, it provides you with the flexibility you need to waterproof your tiled areas in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

ePoxy Grout Worx

ePoxy Grout Worx in Perth is a certified installer of the industry leading Mapei ePoxy grout. Boasting a 25 year product warranty, our outstanding alternative to standard grout is 100% waterproof and available in a huge range of colours. We service the residential and commercial sectors within the entire Perth metropolitan area and have an impressive 5 star rating on Google and Facebook.

Our experienced and certified team of installers can even identify leaks within your shower that are not visible to the naked eye. With the use of cutting edge moisture detection equipment, we’ll make sure that all of your leaks, large or small, are identified and repaired effectively and efficiently.

So if you’re wanting to learn more about ePoxy grout make sure you contact us today on 0437 523 297 to discuss your requirements and schedule a free measure and quote at your home or business.

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Shower Repairs – Do I Have a Leaking Shower?

Leaking Showers Perth

If you suspect you have a leaking shower you’re probably right. The telltale signs include leaking taps and cracked or mouldy grout or shower screens.

Showers are expected to refresh and rejuvenate you, but that’s not always the case. The good news is that most leaking showers can be fixed easily. If you catch them in time, you will minimise the damage and prevent a significant impact on your health and finances.

A leaking tap that drips approximately 10 times per minute can waste over 4L of water per day, which equates to 120L per month and over 1,400L per year! On the other hand, if your grout or shower screen is leaking, this can result in damage to the surrounding areas of the home, which can be even more costly to repair.

Causes of Leaking Showers

Grout or Silicone Failure

The main component of a shower that causes leaks is the grout – the non-porous, fine-grained substance that lines the tiled walls and floor. Grout can become cracked or damaged due to several reasons including –

  • Poor quality grout
  • Movement of the walls within the home/shower
  • Incorrect cleaning products such as bleach
  • Incorrect installation of the grout including too much water or not enough thinset

Silicone failure is another common cause of leaking showers in Australian homes, a sealant that is used to bind the grout together. Silicone can break down due to several issues, namely use of the incorrect cleaning products.

Although many of the causes of grout and silicone failure cannot be prevented, using a mild cleaning product that does not include bleach will assist to prevent damage and leaking.

Leaking Shower

Plumbing Issues

There are several plumbing issues which can cause leaking. They include but are not limited to leaking taps and worn-out shower heads, burst pipes and threads that are not sealed properly.

In most cases you’ll notice a drip, however when the leak is contained behind the wall it won’t be so easy to identify. You may notice an unexpected increase in your water bill or in some cases you may hear water trickling behind the wall.

While threads are typically quite easy to replace yourself, most plumbing issues should be repaired by an experienced and reputable plumber.

Leaking Shower Head

Shower Screens

Indispensable for your shower, shower screens are barriers that prevent splashing and ensure your privacy and comfort. Leaks within a shower screen are typically caused by either cracks within the glass or failure of the silicone that seals the gap between the screen and walls.

Although less likely to cause major damage to your surrounding areas, leaking shower screens can encourage mould to grow which can affect your health.

Shower Screens

Do I Need to Fix a Leaking Shower Immediately?

It’s strongly recommended that you repair a leaking shower as soon as possible. Leaks that are left unattended can cause increased water bills and severe damage to your property, but most importantly health issues.

Mould can be a catalyst for sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and more serious health issues such as respiratory infections and allergic conditions. After all, what’s more important than the health of your family?

The best way to avoid these potential financial and health problems is to catch the leak in its early stages and act as quickly as possible.

Leaking Shower Repairs

If you suspect your shower may be leaking, it’s time to engage the experienced team at ePoxy Grout Worx. We will visit your home and provide an obligation-free inspection of your shower using modern leak detection equipment. This allows us to see behind the walls of your shower to identify leaks that are not visible to the naked eye.

If leaking shower repairs are required, we will provide a detailed quotation, along with a description of the work to be undertaken. If your grout needs to be replaced, we will remove the faulty grout and replace it with an extra strong and durable ePoxy grout. Accompanied by a 25 year product warranty, ePoxy grout is applied without removing any tiles and is far superior to the standard grout found in most Australian homes.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and schedule your on-site inspection and quotation.

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How to Select a Regrouting Company: 8-Point Checklist

How to Select a Regrouting Company

If your shower, bathroom or balcony is leaking you’ll need to engage the services of a local regrouting company.

This can be a difficult decision, as the cost and quality of workmanship and materials can differ significantly from one regrouting company to the next.

If you happen to select the wrong company, they may provide an inadequate or short term solution, which can end up costing you more money in the long-run.

We have designed an 8-point checklist to help you make this decision and ensure you receive not only a long-term solution, but value for money.

Let’s get started…

Research, Research, Research

Begin by looking online and creating a list of potential suppliers.

A search on Google for “Regrouting” or “Leaking Showers” for example, can be a great start. It can also help to ask within local Facebook Groups for recommendations and advice on the best regrouting companies that service your area.


Once you have a list of potential suppliers, it pays to review their online reputation. Again, Facebook and Google are a great place to look for reviews and recommendations. Aim for regrouting companies with a minimum of 10 reviews and an average rating of at least 4.5 stars.


Experience can sometimes be misleading, although as a rule of thumb you should aim for companies with at least 5 years of industry experience.

ePoxy Grout

Look for regrouting companies that are approved, if not authorised installers of epoxy grout. ePoxy grout offers superior strength and durability, not to mention exceptional bonding qualities.

In particular, we recommend that you aim for companies that are certified installers of industry leading Mapei Kerapoxy Grout.

Regrouting Company


All reputable regrouting companies will offer full comprehensive insurance which will provide you with peace of mind should something go wrong.

Initial Enquiry

Once you have narrowed down your list to a shortlist of potential candidates, it’s best practice to give them a call, rather than sending an email enquiry.

By speaking with the company or individual, you should get a ‘gut feel’ for the level of service they provide. This can sometimes be misleading although in most cases, it pays to go with your gut.

The regrouting company should also –

  1. Be kind, professional and courteous
  2. Take the time to listen to your individual circumstances and offer free expert advice where possible
  3. Provide a detailed description of what they suggest
  4. Offer a free inspection and quotation at your home or business.

Obligation-Free Inspection & Quotation

While visiting your home or business to offer an inspection and quotation, the individual should be punctual and professional.

Upon inspecting your leaking shower, bathroom or balcony, they should use a moisture meter to accurately detect the areas that are leaking.

Lastly, they should provide some information in regards to –

  1. The cause of the leak and how will it be fixed
  2. Whether there can potentially be any complications and/or additional costs
  3. When they can complete the project
  4. How long it will take to complete
  5. When you can use the area after the work is complete

Some companies may be able to provide a quotation on-site, whereas others prefer to send a written quote by email the following day.

Once you receive a quotation, make sure you read the fine print. This can avoid any unexpected costs or complications during or after the work is completed.


Price is always an important consideration, however make sure you consider all of the factors above to ensure you make the best decision.

Make a Decision

So there it is… If you follow these simple steps you will reduce your risk of making the wrong decision.

ePoxy Grout Worx

ePoxy Grout Worx offer are a certified installer of Mapei ePoxy Grout and offer affordable yet long-term regrouting solutions for Perth homes and business. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Shower Grout Repairs: 3 Significant Causes Every Homeowner Should Know!

Shower Grout Repairs

Shower Grout Repairs

Water is a massive part of our lives. Therefore, it would be reasonable for us to expect it to accumulate and flow down the drain when we’re finished showering. When this doesn’t happen, and the shower doesn’t work how we’d like it to, what do we do?

Having a leaky shower can be annoying, expensive, and even dangerous. Even a tiny, silent leak can cause a large amount of damage to your own home. But why does it happen? And what type of grout should you use to stop it happening again?

By and large, it’s important to keep your shower grout in good condition, because if you don’t, what seems like a minor issue can quickly lead to some serious damage!

Causes of Leaky Showers

Let’s take a look at the 3 main causes for leaky showers, and why you may need shower grout repairs as soon as possible!

1) Grout or Silicone Failure

When your shower tiles were first installed, grout was pushed into the cracks between the tiles by the tile setter. Consequently, the grout settled and hardened, making a waterproof barrier, protecting against penetration.

Most grout, if properly installed, can last for several years without a single problem. Although this may be true, all good things come to an end. Eventually, tiny cracks will begin to appear in the grout. This can be caused by the house settling, or by other forces causing your home to move around in any way.

These minor cracks can lead to water dripping on the outside of pipes, and even onto structural timbers. This can cause serious structural problems to your home, making shower grout repairs an absolute necessity.

2) Plumbing Failure

Like all areas in your house with fixtures, the shower is supplied by a number of pipes, connectors and valves. If any of these have any sort of issue, it may result in some serious leakage! The issue with these problems is that you can’t see them.

Pipes, connectors and valves all reside within your walls, so the only way to fix them would be to cut open said walls, which can be seriously challenging if you aren’t a trained professional.

3) Shower Head Failure

A faulty or worn-out shower head is probably the most likely reason for your leaky shower. Naturally, if you suspect a leak, it will be the first place you check.

Installing a new shower head can not only fix your leaky shower, but can also be highly ethical! Australian shower heads are now mostly water-saving, so you could save the planet, as well as your water bill!

Shower head installations should be undertaken by a professional, to ensure everything is properly waterproofed and sealed.

Leaky Shower Repairs

How do you identify invisible leaks in showers?

Our moisture meter is used to detect moisture that is invisible to the naked eye. Consequently, we can identify issues far earlier than our competitors, and act quickly before any serious damage is done!

Why use ePoxy Grout?

ePoxy grout is far superior to standard grout, which can deteriorate rapidly, becoming porous and brittle. Subsequently, standard grout is likely to absorb moisture or crack over time, leading to leaks, and property damage.

Alternatively, Mapei Kerapoxy ePoxy Grout has a 25-year product warranty, is 100% waterproof, is far more durable than standard grout, and has fantastic bonding qualities! For that reason, it is clearly the superior solution for leaking showers, and should be the go-to product for your shower grout repairs!

Shower Grout Repairs from ePoxy Grout Worx

ePoxy Grout Worx are a certified installer of Mapei epoxy grout and specialise in shower grout repairs throughout Perth. Contact us today on 0437 523 297 to arrange an inspection and quotation.

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Shower Regrouting: 5 Telltale Signs Every Home Owner Must Know

Shower Regrouting

Let’s face it – no one likes cleaning the bathroom. It’s a tedious and unpleasant chore for every household – but it is necessary to keep your shower grout in good condition and help to prevent severe damage in the future.

We use grout for a number of reasons. It prevents damage to your tiles, stops water from trickling through to the substrate behind, and of course, it makes your bathroom look polished and fresh! But unfortunately, grout can show signs of wear and tear, and it’s best to take care of it straight away…

Signs You Need To Regrout Your Shower

There is Mould Growth

Once mould shows up – it’s tough to get rid of! Mould can grow as a result of improper ventilation or after a flood. If left long enough, the mould only gets worse, and it’s better to start fresh with entirely new grout.

Grout Begins to Crack

This can be a result of your house slowly moving over time, or a poor grout mixture to begin with. If cracked grout is left alone for too long, water can seep beneath the surface and cause bigger problems.

Bubbling or Peeling Paint

Paint can start to bubble and peel when there is moisture beneath the surface. A common cause of this is a hidden water leak – most likely through the tile and grout joints.

Swollen Skirting Board

Timber skirting boards are prone to swelling when they become damp. Water trickling through the grout and down to the skirting board is the most likely suspect.

Rusty Door Frame

A rusty doorframe is a sign of excess moisture in the area- and it also looks unsightly! If left unattended, it will continue to corrode your door. It is best to check over your grout as soon as you notice rust, as this is the likely culprit.

Bring Your Shower Back To Life With ePoxy Grout Worx

When revamping your bathroom, you need a grout you can rely on. Unlike standard grout, which is prone to cracking and weakening, we use Mapei ePoxy Grout – one of the most robust options on the market!

Mapei ePoxy Grout is durable, fast-drying, 100% waterproof, stain and chemical resistant and available in 22 colours! Contact ePoxy Grout Worx today and restore your shower to its former glory!

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Leaking Shower Repairs – Handy Tips

Leaking Shower Repairs

Leaking Shower Repairs

Is your shower leaking? This is a common problem in Australian households and can even occur in houses that are only a few years old.

How Do You Know if Your Shower is Leaking?

There are a few key signs that can indicate if your shower is leaking:

  • Bulging or swollen skirting boards
  • Rusty door frames
  • Cracked or missing grout
  • Bubbling or peeling paint
  • Detached mouldy silicone
  • Faulty shower screens
  • Leaky taps
  • Mouldy or musty smells
  • Consistent chesty coughs through dampness in the air

What Happens if you Fail to Repair a Leaking Shower?

On the surface, some cracked grout or bubbling paint may not appear to be a serious issue. However, moisture beneath shower tiles can spread quickly and in extreme cases it can even:

  • Damage and soften the ceiling of the room below
  • Deteriorate the wall on the opposing room
  • Rot and warp the frame of the shower
  • Rot any adjacent timbers such as flooring, structural, skirting boards or door frames

Most of all, a leaking shower can cause serious health issues for your family!

If a leaking shower is identified and acted upon promptly, the damage is typically minimal and can be repaired quickly and affordably. However, if leaking shower repairs are not applied swiftly and effectively, you may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to repair the damage.

Who Do You Contact?

There are numerous companies throughout Perth who provide leaking shower repairs. However, the products and techniques they use can differ greatly from one provider to another. Here are some handy tips on what to ask when looking for effective and long-lasting leaking shower repairs:

  • Do they use a moisture meter? A moisture meter will allow them to detect leaks that may not be visible to the naked eye, as well as the source of the leak. This is essential in order to ensure the leak is properly fixed and will not return shortly after the leaking shower repairs are applied.
  • Does the company use ePoxy Grout? The ‘standard’ grout which is found in 99% of Australian homes is quite brittle and porous and tends to crack and absorb moisture. On the other hand, ePoxy Grout is 100% waterproof, resistant to stains and provides a long term solution.
  • Do they remove the old grout and replace with 100% waterproof ePoxy or just seal over the top of existing standard grout?
  • Is the company a certified installer of ePoxy Grout? By using a certified installer, you can rest assured that the company or individual is qualified and experienced.
  • Do they offer a warranty? An extensive product warranty will offer peace of mind and further ensure that you receive effective and long-lasting leaking shower repairs.
  • Are they reputable? These days, most companies have reviews from customers on Facebook and Google. This is a great way to gauge whether they provide a high quality and professional service.

Why Choose ePoxy Grout Worx

Marc from ePoxy Grout Worx is a certified installer of Mapei ePoxy Grout. Mapei grout is fast drying, 100% waterproof, stain and chemical resistant and available in 22 colours!

With over 15 years of experience, Marc offers a 25 year product warranty and can provide leaking shower repairs without the need to remove any tiles. His main goal is ‘positive feedback everytime’ and this is reflected by his 5 star rating on Google and Facebook.

Contact ePoxy Grout Worx today to schedule an obligation-free quotation for leaking shower repairs within Perth.

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Standard or ePoxy Grout?

Standard or ePoxy Grout?

Standard or ePoxy Grout?

Standard Grout

Standard grout, which is found within most homes in WA, can be porous and brittle, allowing it to absorb moisture and crack. For this reason, many local regrouting companies will only offer a 2 to 5-year product warranty.

Standard grout is typically a blend of cement, water, and sand, which means it’s a porous material. It’s available in sanded or unsanded form. The sanded version is typically used for wider tile gaps, while the unsanded version is used for tiles that are placed closer together. Standard grout is cheap; however, it requires more maintenance than ePoxy grout, and being porous, it can stain and harbour bacteria. Therefore, you need to seal it regularly to keep it looking fresh.

ePoxy Grout

ePoxy grout, as the name suggests, is made of epoxy resin and hardening agents. It’s a non-porous material with superior water resistance, which makes it ideal for bathrooms and other moisture-prone areas. ePoxy Grout doesn’t need sealing as it’s stain-resistant, doesn’t harbour bacteria, and is easy to clean. It’s also more durable than standard grout and can withstand heavy traffic, making it an excellent choice for commercial bathrooms. 

ePoxy grout from Mapei is a two-component acid-resistant grout that is far superior to standard grout. Here are some additional benefits of ePoxy, if you are deciding whether to use standard or ePoxy grout –

Waterproof & Resistant

This exceptional grout is 100% waterproof and resistant to stains and chemicals.

Huge Colour Range

ePoxy Grout is available in over 25 different colours, from caramel to turquoise.


With outstanding bonding qualities, it is effective in indoor and outdoor areas.

Product Warranty

Regrouting services from ePoxy Grout Worx Pty Ltd are accompanied by a 25-year product warranty.

Why Choose ePoxy Grout Worx Pty Ltd in Perth?

Choosing between standard grout and ePoxy grout depends on your budget, maintenance preference, and whether you’re looking for a long-lasting solution. If you’re looking for a durable, low-maintenance, and highly waterproof option, ePoxy grout is your best bet. 

ePoxy Grout Worx Pty Ltd are specialists at removing your old faulty grout and replacing it with tough and durable Mapei ePoxy grout.

As certified installers of Mapei ePoxy Grout, we can offer peace of mind that your project will be completed at a high standard using certified products that will last long and look amazing.

With over 15 years of experience, our business owner Marc, has regrouted countless showers and bathrooms throughout Perth.

So, why not choose ePoxy Grout Worx Pty Ltd? We offer free quotes throughout the Perth metro area. Contact Marc today on 0437 523 297.

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