How to Select a Regrouting Company: 8-Point Checklist

How to Select a Regrouting Company

If your shower, bathroom or balcony is leaking you’ll need to engage the services of a local regrouting company.

This can be a difficult decision, as the cost and quality of workmanship and materials can differ significantly from one regrouting company to the next.

If you happen to select the wrong company, they may provide an inadequate or short term solution, which can end up costing you more money in the long-run.

We have designed an 8-point checklist to help you make this decision and ensure you receive not only a long-term solution, but value for money.

Let’s get started…

Research, Research, Research

Begin by looking online and creating a list of potential suppliers.

A search on Google for “Regrouting” or “Leaking Showers” for example, can be a great start. It can also help to ask within local Facebook Groups for recommendations and advice on the best regrouting companies that service your area.


Once you have a list of potential suppliers, it pays to review their online reputation. Again, Facebook and Google are a great place to look for reviews and recommendations. Aim for regrouting companies with a minimum of 10 reviews and an average rating of at least 4.5 stars.


Experience can sometimes be misleading, although as a rule of thumb you should aim for companies with at least 5 years of industry experience.

ePoxy Grout

Look for regrouting companies that are approved, if not authorised installers of epoxy grout. ePoxy grout offers superior strength and durability, not to mention exceptional bonding qualities.

In particular, we recommend that you aim for companies that are certified installers of industry leading Mapei Kerapoxy Grout.

Regrouting Company


All reputable regrouting companies will offer full comprehensive insurance which will provide you with peace of mind should something go wrong.

Initial Enquiry

Once you have narrowed down your list to a shortlist of potential candidates, it’s best practice to give them a call, rather than sending an email enquiry.

By speaking with the company or individual, you should get a ‘gut feel’ for the level of service they provide. This can sometimes be misleading although in most cases, it pays to go with your gut.

The regrouting company should also –

  1. Be kind, professional and courteous
  2. Take the time to listen to your individual circumstances and offer free expert advice where possible
  3. Provide a detailed description of what they suggest
  4. Offer a free inspection and quotation at your home or business.

Obligation-Free Inspection & Quotation

While visiting your home or business to offer an inspection and quotation, the individual should be punctual and professional.

Upon inspecting your leaking shower, bathroom or balcony, they should use a moisture meter to accurately detect the areas that are leaking.

Lastly, they should provide some information in regards to –

  1. The cause of the leak and how will it be fixed
  2. Whether there can potentially be any complications and/or additional costs
  3. When they can complete the project
  4. How long it will take to complete
  5. When you can use the area after the work is complete

Some companies may be able to provide a quotation on-site, whereas others prefer to send a written quote by email the following day.

Once you receive a quotation, make sure you read the fine print. This can avoid any unexpected costs or complications during or after the work is completed.


Price is always an important consideration, however make sure you consider all of the factors above to ensure you make the best decision.

Make a Decision

So there it is… If you follow these simple steps you will reduce your risk of making the wrong decision.

ePoxy Grout Worx

ePoxy Grout Worx offer are a certified installer of Mapei ePoxy Grout and offer affordable yet long-term regrouting solutions for Perth homes and business. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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