Shower Grout Repairs: 3 Significant Causes Every Homeowner Should Know!

Shower Grout Repairs

Shower Grout Repairs

Water is a massive part of our lives. Therefore, it would be reasonable for us to expect it to accumulate and flow down the drain when we’re finished showering. When this doesn’t happen, and the shower doesn’t work how we’d like it to, what do we do?

Having a leaky shower can be annoying, expensive, and even dangerous. Even a tiny, silent leak can cause a large amount of damage to your own home. But why does it happen? And what type of grout should you use to stop it happening again?

By and large, it’s important to keep your shower grout in good condition, because if you don’t, what seems like a minor issue can quickly lead to some serious damage!

Causes of Leaky Showers

Let’s take a look at the 3 main causes for leaky showers, and why you may need shower grout repairs as soon as possible!

1) Grout or Silicone Failure

When your shower tiles were first installed, grout was pushed into the cracks between the tiles by the tile setter. Consequently, the grout settled and hardened, making a waterproof barrier, protecting against penetration.

Most grout, if properly installed, can last for several years without a single problem. Although this may be true, all good things come to an end. Eventually, tiny cracks will begin to appear in the grout. This can be caused by the house settling, or by other forces causing your home to move around in any way.

These minor cracks can lead to water dripping on the outside of pipes, and even onto structural timbers. This can cause serious structural problems to your home, making shower grout repairs an absolute necessity.

2) Plumbing Failure

Like all areas in your house with fixtures, the shower is supplied by a number of pipes, connectors and valves. If any of these have any sort of issue, it may result in some serious leakage! The issue with these problems is that you can’t see them.

Pipes, connectors and valves all reside within your walls, so the only way to fix them would be to cut open said walls, which can be seriously challenging if you aren’t a trained professional.

3) Shower Head Failure

A faulty or worn-out shower head is probably the most likely reason for your leaky shower. Naturally, if you suspect a leak, it will be the first place you check.

Installing a new shower head can not only fix your leaky shower, but can also be highly ethical! Australian shower heads are now mostly water-saving, so you could save the planet, as well as your water bill!

Shower head installations should be undertaken by a professional, to ensure everything is properly waterproofed and sealed.

Leaky Shower Repairs

How do you identify invisible leaks in showers?

Our moisture meter is used to detect moisture that is invisible to the naked eye. Consequently, we can identify issues far earlier than our competitors, and act quickly before any serious damage is done!

Why use ePoxy Grout?

ePoxy grout is far superior to standard grout, which can deteriorate rapidly, becoming porous and brittle. Subsequently, standard grout is likely to absorb moisture or crack over time, leading to leaks, and property damage.

Alternatively, Mapei Kerapoxy ePoxy Grout has a 25-year product warranty, is 100% waterproof, is far more durable than standard grout, and has fantastic bonding qualities! For that reason, it is clearly the superior solution for leaking showers, and should be the go-to product for your shower grout repairs!

Shower Grout Repairs from ePoxy Grout Worx

ePoxy Grout Worx are a certified installer of Mapei epoxy grout and specialise in shower grout repairs throughout Perth. Contact us today on 0437 523 297 to arrange an inspection and quotation.

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