• Project Name Currambine Leaking Shower Repairs
  • Client Chris & Megan
  • Category Leaking Showers
  • Date 23 Jan, 2024
  • Location Currambine

A leaking shower is a common household issue that, if left unattended, can lead to significant water damage and mould growth. Undertaking a leaking shower repair project is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your home and prevent further damage. This leaking shower Currmabine project included –

Identification of the Leak

The first crucial step in any leaking shower Currmabine repair project is identifying the source of the leak. Leaks can originate from various areas, such as damaged grout, faulty caulking, or a compromised waterproofing membrane. Thoroughly inspect the shower area to pinpoint the exact location of the leak before proceeding with the repair.


Before starting the leaking shower Currambine repair work, preparing the area is essential. We remove any loose tiles, damaged grout, or deteriorated caulking. Clean the surfaces to be repaired, ensuring they are free from mould, mildew, and debris. Proper preparation sets the stage for effective repairs and ensures optimal adhesion of new materials.

Repairing Grout

Damaged grout is a common culprit of shower leaks. Replacing or repairing these elements is a critical part of the project. Remove old grout and caulking using appropriate tools, and apply high-quality, waterproof ePoxy grout and silicone to seal gaps and prevent water infiltration.

Tile Replacement

If the leak has led to damaged or loose tiles, replace them with new ones. Use a waterproof adhesive to secure the tiles, ensuring a sturdy and durable finish. Properly grout the tiles to maintain the waterproof barrier and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the shower.


After completing the repair work on this Currambine leaking shower, conduct a thorough water test to ensure the leaking issue has been successfully addressed. Allow the repaired area to dry completely before using the shower regularly.


This leaking shower in Currambine was repaired and now not only looks like new but will last for many more years to come. At ePoxy Grout Worx, we offer a lifetime warranty on the product, so you can rest assure your shower will remain leak-free.

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